Health update

I know it’s been a while since I posted.

Since October I’ve lost 26lbs through watching my diet and tracking my calories. So I’m pretty happy about that.

Another 26 lbs and I’ll have reached my first weight loss goal of 200lbs.

Another reason I wanted to post this update is because I thought it was important to talk about mental wellness. A healthy mind goes hand in hand with a healthy body.

I started a journal today, something I haven’t done since high school. Hoping it will be helpful and cathartic.

Aside from my journal I plan to update this blog as often as possible. I need to be back on track with my diet and healthy life.

Not sure how to end this post so I’ll just say again that mental health goes hand in hand with physical health.


Fell of the wagon and it drove away

I took a huge blow to my journey. I started a new job about 6 weeks ago which I’m so happy about. But I’ve let the gym take a backseat. I gained back all the weight I took off and I’m right back in square one. It’s really frustrating. This week I’m going to do my best to make the gym happen and chase after that wagon. I can’t let my journey come to an end when it was just starting to get so good.

Quick update

Haven’t been to the gym in over a week. Feel really bad about that. I started a new job and wanted to get into a routine first. Besides that, I’ve been feeling super drained after work. Been a while since I’ve worked so it’s an adjustment to say the least. 

Plan is to get back to the gym tonight after work. Hopefully can start working towards dropping below 230 lbs which has been my goal for a few weeks now. I think if I can get over that hump I’ll feel much better.

I Discovered Snapchat

This week, the weather has been beautiful.
I’ve still been going to the gym everyday despite wanting to lie in the sun!
My weight has stayed steady this week, I don’t seem to have lost any. Might be time to shake up my workout a bit and burn a few extra calories.
Also got plenty of kitty playtime this week AND I discovered Snapchat. Most of my week has been me taking pictures with stupid filters or turning the filters on the television.

Lazy Holiday Weekend

I slipped again! Had a delicious cheat meal at a new restaurant in town and it set the tone for the rest of my weekend. Very lazy, spent time with my cat, had another cheat meal, did no exercise.
But I guess you could say I relaxed, so it can’t be SO bad! 😀
It’s always good to get some much needed ME time.
We’re now in a new week, which means a new chance to crash through the 230lbs mark!
So excited to get this DONE!

Hot Yoga

I went to a hot yoga class today!
I almost died! It was so hot!
I actually did almost pass out twice. Very scary.
But I had plenty of water and was able to sit calmly, but it was still really embarrassing. I now know how out of shape I am 😦